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2 Pairs of Custom Orthotics for $499 in Waterloo, Ontario

ProFLEX CUSTOM ORTHOTICS & ORTHOTIC FOOTWEAR - Prices Effective until June 30, 2019

2 Pairs Custom Orthotic for $499 in Waterloo, Ontario

Offer #1:
2 pairs of ProFLEX custom orthotic insoles for $499.00*

We have a fabulous offer for you. From now until June 30, 2019, 2 pairs of ProFLEX custom orthotic inserts for $499.00. Avoid the hassle of switching your custom orthotics from shoe to shoe with this special offer.

The cost of custom orthotics is covered by most extended health benefit plans. A medical doctor's prescription is commonly required to unlock your benefits. Our office is able to provide the rest of the paperwork required to successfully submit a claim in most cases. We highly recommend that you review the specific details of your plan prior to ordering or call our office and we would be glad to assist you with any questions (519-884-8181). You can also find out more about extended health benefits coverage for custom orthotics by clicking "Orthotics Insurance Coverage" here.

Offer #2:
One pair of custom orthotic sandals, shoes or boots for $499.00

Here is another great offer for you. Our custom orthotic footwear packages are available from now until June 30, 2019 for $499.00. A custom orthotic footwear package includes one pair of custom orthotics matched and inserted into one pair of shoes, sandals or boots of your choice. Footwear selections marked as "Premium" or "Premium Charges" are priced at $559.00.

There are hundreds of styles of orthotic footwear avaialable and many popular footwear brands to choose from. Please click on the following link in order to view the selection of footwear available from one of our preferred orthotic footwear lab partners. Scroll half way down the page to select your category and size.

NB. - Premium Footwear Selections are priced at $559.00.

Click Here to See All Available Footwear Styles

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If you would like to know more about these custom orthotic offers, please contact us at the office and our friendly staff or Dr. Nyman will be glad to assist you.

(*Offer #1 Conditions: Both pairs of custom orthotics must be ordered at the same time and be made off the same 3D-volumetric foot castings. The type of custom orthotics ordered may be different = e.g. 1 pair casual fit orthotics and 1 pair dress fit orthotics. This offer expires June 30, 2019.)

(**Offer #2 Conditions: This offer consists of one footwear selection customized with one pair of custom orthotics. A second pair of custom orthotics is NOT included in Offer #2. Sizing must be confirmed prior to ordering as there are orthotic laboratory return restrictions. The doctor will explain and assist you with this process during the initial consultation at our office. Footwear selections marked as "Premium" or "Premium Charges" are not included in this offer and are priced at $559.00. Offer #2 expires June 30, 2019.)