Our Clinic

Dr. Nyman's clinic is located at 99 Northfield Dr. E, Suite 302A, Waterloo, Ontario. Free parking is available. The medical building is equipped with accessibility friendly ramps, doors and restrooms.

Individual Treatment Room
Each of our treatment rooms are designed for one-on-one therapy sessions between you and the doctor. We believe that individualized treatment is preferable to large group or "open concept clinic" treatment.
Profesional Equipment
Our clinic focuses on treating all components of the musculoskeletal system including joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. We utilize a variety of soft-tissue treatment techniques to maximize your recovery.
The Thumper
Treatments are individually tailored to each patient's needs, likes and dislikes. Depending on your condition, various techniques and/or equipment may be proposed for your treatment.
Interferential Current
Our office is equipped with a variety of modern electrotherapeutic modalities. These devices help us attain the best possible results when managing specific injuries. Whether it is laser, TENS, IFC, EMS or ultrasound, we have the tools we need to help you recover fast.
Spinal Health Teaching Aides
Dr. Nyman teaches spinal stabilization and core strengthening exercises, as well as specific stretches and exercises for a variety of conditions. Home exercises may be prescribed as part of your recovery plan.
Laser Therapy
Laser Therapy has become an important treatment modality for acute and recurrent soft-tissue injuries. With over 15 years of research on laser, many professional sports teams and healthcare practitioners are employing laser therapy to help their patients recover quickly.

For over 17 years, Dr. Nyman has been helping members of our community recover from injuries, maintain their function and enjoy a better sense of wellbeing. We trust that you too will find our clinic to be a place you can call home when it comes to your healthcare needs.