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Best Prices On Custom Orthotics, Orthotic Sandals & Orthotic Footwear in Kitchener - Waterloo

Papillio Naot Roma Sandal

ALL ProFLEX CUSTOM ORTHOTICS & ORTHOTIC FOOTWEAR - Prices Effective until June 30, 2019

Custom Orthotic Sandals (Reference Offer #2):

Our custom orthotic sandal/footwear packages are available from now until June 30, 2019 for $499.00. A custom orthotic footwear package includes one pair of custom orthotics matched and inserted into one pair of shoes, sandals or boots of your choice. Footwear selections marked as "Premium" or "Premium Charges" are priced at $559.00.

One pair of custom orthotic footwear for $499.00**

There are hundreds of styles of orthotic sandals and footwear avaialable. There are also many popular footwear brand names available. Please click on the following link in order to view the selection of footwear available from one of our preferred orthotic footwear lab partners. Scroll half way down the page to select your category and size.

NB. - Premium Footwear Selections are priced at $559.00.

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Naot Sandal Birkenstock Sandal

Best Prices on Orthotics, Orthotic Sandals and Orthotic Footwear in Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario

We guarantee we have the best price on custom orthotics, orthotic sandals and orthotic footwear in Kitchener - Waterloo, Ontario. Whether you have benefits or not, our price guarantee should help your feet in a time of need. In fact, if you live out of our area, it may be worth the drive to Kitchener - Waterloo.

What's Included in Our Fee for Custom Orthotics, Orthotic Sandals/Footwear:

  • The Initial Visit - Orthotic Consultation/Examination
  • Gait Analysis and Biomechanical Testing
  • Report of Findings, Patient Education and Orthotic Insert, Sandal or Footwear Selection
  • Your Order of Custom Orthotic Devices
  • Shipping Cost to and from the Orthotic Laboratory
  • The Second Visit - Dispensing and Fitting Session
  • Follow-Up Visits for any adjustment/modifications that may be required during the first 90 days
  • Any required warranty work during the first 90 days

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(**Offer #2 Conditions: This offer consists of one footwear selection customized with one pair of custom orthotics. A second pair of custom orthotics is NOT included in Offer #2. Sizing must be confirmed prior to ordering as there are orthotic laboratory return restrictions. The doctor will explain and assist you with this process during the initial consultation at our office. Footwear selections marked as "Premium" or "Premium Charges" are not included in this offer and are priced at $559.00. Offer #2 expires June 30, 2019.)