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Meet Dr. Nyman


Dr. Jason Nyman was born in Toronto, Ontario. He became interested in chiropractic following a sports injury to his foot while in high school. He was amazed when a chiropractor was able to relieve his foot pain in seconds with a simple chiropractic adjustment. Subsequent sports injuries also responded rapidly to chiropractic care. These and other factors influenced Dr. Nyman to pursue chiropractic as a profession.

Dr. Jason Nyman, Chiropractor

Education and Training

Dr. Nyman graduated from the University of Waterloo in 1994 with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. He continued his professional training at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario where he graduated with Clinic Honours in 1999.

From 2007 until 2011, Dr. Nyman participated in a post-graduate Rehabilitation Fellowship Program with Continuing Education at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. In 2011, Dr. Nyman completed all requirements and was granted Fellowship status in the Canadian Chiropractic Specialty College of Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation [formerly the Chiropractic College of Rehabilitation Sciences (Canada)]. As such, Dr. Nyman is recognized as a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Specialist FCCPOR(C) in Canada.

Clinical Experience

Dr. Nyman's professional training is augmented by a broad range of personal and clinical experiences. Prior to becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Nyman worked in several large multi-disciplinary rehabilitation clinics as a Kinesiologist. These clinics focused on treating motor vehicle accident and workplace injuries. Treatment at these facilities included functional restoration and workplace hardening for musculoskeletal and catastrophic injuries. It also included therapy programs for chronic pain management.

Dr. Nyman with WLU Football Players

In addition to his private practice, Dr. Nyman has performed DAC/insurance assessments for motor vehicle accident claims at the Credit Valley Hospital. At present, Dr. Nyman conducts Insurer Examinations for Focus Assessments, Evolve Assessments and for other health care facilities. Dr. Nyman also currently serves as a chiropractic consultant for the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board.

Dr. Nyman has enjoyed supporting local community groups with his professional training. He has served as the team Chiropractor for the Wilfrid Laurier University Golden Hawks Football Team (2002), the team Chiropractor for the Kitchener-Waterloo Track & Field Association and as a member of the Host Medical Services for the 2002 Ontario Summer Games.

Continuing Education

"Life Long Learning" is the motto for today's health care provider. Dr. Nyman regularly attends continuing education sessions with a focus in the areas of chiropractic and physical and occupational rehabilitation sciences.

Dr. Nyman, Dr. Papa & Dr. Tuling at CCA Conference

Beyond case-based clinical study, professional conferences and literature review, Dr. Nyman has completed post-graduate training in the following areas:

  • Canadian Chiropractic Speicalty College of Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation
  • Trigenics Neuromuscular Medicine (a soft-tissue assessment and treatment method)
  • Custom Orthotic Therapy

Dr. Nyman and Family

Dr. Nyman lives in Waterloo, Ontario with his wife Catherine and their three lovely daughters. As a family, they enjoy participating and serving with a variety of local community groups.

Dr. Nyman & Fammily

Clinical Interests

Dr. Nyman holds particular interest in the assessment and treatment of the following special populations/conditions:

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

    - assessment and rehabilitation of whiplash and other soft-tissue injuries resulting from automobile accidents
  • Sports Injuries

    - including Track & Field, Football, Hockey and Ringette
  • Foot Disorders & Custom Orthotics

    - plantar fasciitis, over-pronation, over-supination and subluxations of the foot
  • BPPV

    - a specific type of vertigo known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo often effectively treated with the Epley Maneuver
  • Medico-Legal Report Writing & Consultation

    - third party independent chiropractic assessments


We provide treatment for a wide range of injuries including car accidents, workplace injuries and sports injuries.

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